Ep. 43: Hypnosis & kinetic shift

Ep. 43: Hypnosis & kinetic shift

About the Episode: 

Joining Amy in episode 43 is the no-nonsense, tour de force, amazingly brilliant Founder & Lead Trainer of the UK Hypnosis Academy and Amy’s personal Hypnosis Trainer, Karl Smith. Together, they chat in-depth about Hypnosis, Karl’s signature kinetic shift technique, and his brilliant new book ‘There’s No D in PTSD.’ 

Karl also speaks on his incredible journey from his military career to his discovery of hypnosis and how it fueled a passion to share its power and help others live happier, healthier, freer lives.

Meet the Guest

Karl Smith is a Hypnotist and Founder & Lead Trainer of the UK Hypnosis Academy passionate about sharing the power of Hypnosis with his clients worldwide.

Having first been introduced to hynosis after a particularly trying stint in the Military and Police Force, Karl was Skeptical but hopeful of hypnosis as a cure, or at least a step in the right direction, for overcoming his PTSD. He tried it, it worked and it became a passion and a lifelong mission to share it with others in need of powerful support in their lives. As a hypnotist, Karl has worked all over the world, has appeared on UK and USA radio and worked on a documentary for SKY TV. He has been taught by some of the best in the profession and has received many International awards for his work.

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