Ep. 29: Conscious Entrepreneurship

Ep. 29: Conscious Entrepreneurship

About the Episode:

In episode 29 of Be~ing Brilliant, Amy brings on the multi-talented Actor, Writer, and Entrepreneur, Richard Hardwick for a very entertaining and motivational show. Richard is here to share his story with you and talk about his Conscious Coffee Company, Halo. Halo offers the world’s best coffees in fully compostable capsules made from paper pulp that biodegrades 90 days after use.

Richard and his team believe that producing coffee capsules from plastic should be illegal. Every minute 13,500 coffee capsules go into landfill, but Halo has created a solution that offers delicious coffee that tastes amazing while being amazing for our environment as well.

Richard will also talk about his personal experience with Pro Rugby, Musical Theatre, and more!

Meet the Guest

Richard Hardwick is an Actor, Writer, and Entrepreneur passionate about living through creativity and consciousness.

Richard and his team created the environmentally friendly coffee company Halo to bring some of the world’s best coffees to the consumer while simultaneously addressing the issue of our plastic and aluminum waste culture. He believes that it is rare to get the opportunity to create something that needs to exist for the good of our world, and if you are blessed enough to find that opportunity, you must seize it and own it.

You can find out more & follow Richard here:

Episode 29 - Richard Hardwick

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