What if you could wake up everyday and feel limitless?


What if you could finally develop the inner strength, confidence, and clarity necessary to achieve true happiness & high-performance?

What if you could begin this transformative journey in just one day?


Ignite Your Life is designed to do just that.



In this one day course, I will introduce you to authentic, effective teachings and methods created to help you break free of the obstacles holding you back.


We will begin molding that limitless mindset, and you will take with you a host of invaluable new insights, skills, and strategies that go well beyond our day together, so that you can start leading a life you love.


In short… this intensive is your chance to stop settling, stand up, and be brilliant.


Still wondering if this course is for you?


Ignite Your Life is definitely for you if you are ready to achieve lasting happiness and success.


Whether it’s your personal or professional life (or both) that has you feeling stuck, I can help you set yourself free.


This is a truly game-changing program focussed on you and the longevity of your results.


……and if a practical and powerful approach to progress is what you’re looking for,  you’ve come to the right place.



In just one session,

Amy gave me all the insights

I needed to start a

series of actions and create a

new set of beliefs to

take me to the place I desire to be.”

-Diana Hernandez, Panama

 “Amy’s coaching caused

a dramatic shift for me, many

new business connections

and opportunities came from seemingly nowhere.

I cannot recommend Amy and her

coaching abilities strongly enough:

she is amazing.”

-Callie Carling, UK


Here’s the how…


One thing we will do is introduce the 3-Step fundamentals:  Peace, Power, and Purpose, to map out your perfect Master Plan.  

Why Peace?

*Without Inner Peace, you can not be fully aware of your thoughts and emotions, and how they might be shaping your perception of the world and the actions you take.

With Inner Peace, you are able to take a step back, objectively survey all the elements of a situation, and come to a conclusion that is free from ego, judgment, criticism and misinterpretation.

Once you are able to do that, your self-awareness blossoms, your wall of resistance melts and you shine your light, so others may do the same.

Why Power?

*Without Personal Power, procrastination, stress, and anxiety often come into play. The need to command and control becomes incessant (your M/O modus operandi), and you can find yourself getting nowhere fast.

With Personal Power, you begin to step out of these negative, restrictive emotions, and embrace a deep inner power from which you motivate, lead and engage both yourself and the people around you. You inspire, empower and ignite.

Why Purpose?

Last, but certainly not least, it would be very difficult to attain real, lasting happiness without first having an inspired Purpose.

*Without a clear, inspired Purpose and vision, the opportunity for growth is limited, motivation is lacking, and you’re left feeling stuck, tired, and unfulfilled.


If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

With an inspired Purpose, you will step into happiness, high-performance, and a deep sense of fulfillment. By first beginning to ask yourself some of life’s big questions…Who am I? Why am I here? And what purpose am I here to serve?


Answer them honestly, and you will begin to tap into your truth, figure out what you want, if it’s really what you need, and finally begin to receive it.


Put simply… without clarity, there can be no peacewithout focus, there is little power; and without passion, what is the purpose of living?

With this intensive, we will begin implementing these fundamentals, which will play an integral part in creating results that last.

By transforming what’s on the inside, we can create real, tangible results that develop on the outside.



We’ll both come prepared


Before our day together, you will fill out a detailed Welcome Pack and we will have a 60 minute Skype session to be sure we’re on target to reach your specific goals and outcomes. 

By listening to and understanding what you desire to receive, change and ignite, I can ensure your intensive experience is as powerful and effective as possible.

That being said, these are some topics we may cover on our day together:


  • Learning to Stay Rooted in Positivity, No Matter How Fierce the Storm
  • Gaining a Sense of Self-Awareness that Keeps You Mindful & Present
  • Breaking Free of Negative Thoughts & Habits Holding You Back
  • Reducing Stress & Struggle while Cultivating Happiness
  • Strengthening Your Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence
  • Learning How to Listen to Your Intuition
  • Reigniting and Improving Meaningful Relationships
  • Discovering the Powers of Personal Responsibility & Choice


  • Having Integrity & Responsibility As Central to Your Values and Vision
  • Exploring Time Management & How There is no Such Thing
  • Managed Conversations to Handle Tough Situations & Difficult People
  • Inspiring Engagement Within Your Team or Business
  • Challenging Mindsets for Success & Empowerment
  • Discovering The Tools You’ll Need to Transform All Relationships & Results
  • How to Cultivate Presence, Compassion & Authenticity for Leadership


If you’re feeling like this is for you, don’t hesitate.

Space is limited to two days per city.

Intensives can be conducted in either English or Spanish.


London, England

Ongoing dates throughout the year.

Suffolk, England

Ongoing dates throughout the year.

Auckland, New Zealand


None of these locations work for you? No problem! Get in touch to find out how we can work together!





Investing in yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do.

I promise you will reap the rewards many times over!




What’s Included?


The Welcome Pack; your 1 hour introductory Skype session, and a full day of powerful one-on-one coaching.


Towards the end of our day together, we’ll design a detailed strategy plan to keep you on track after our session. It’s all about longevity. 


Two 30 minute follow-ups (two and four weeks after your session).


One month of unlimited email access (following your session).


Access to all essential resources – webinars, teleclasses, and PDF guides.


Complimentary coffee, tea, and lunch for all in-person sessions.



This is YOUR Time


I’m inviting you to surpass your expectations, limit your struggles, and stand strong in your own brand of Brilliance.


This is your chance to develop that limitless mindset and achieve real, measurable growth.


Take that first, crucial step towards real results & lasting joy!