Ep. 42: The magic of personal power

Ep. 42: The magic of personal power

About the Episode: 

Gracing us with her presence in episode 42 is Limitless Living Evangelista and Brilliant Mentor, Chandra Nicole. Together, She and Amy will dive into personal power and becoming thriving magicians in our own lives. Chandra seeks to guide others to dissolve their limits, align with their highest truth, and step into their greatest self and she is here to share her story and passion with you. 

“I figured out how to navigate my life in a way that felt authentic to me, now I devote myself to empowering others to do the same.” -Chandra Nicole

Meet the Guest

Chandra Nicole is a Soulful Mentor and Limitless Living Evangelista passionate about helping seekers dissolve their limits and connect to their highest truth, greatest self, and greatest life NOW! 

From a very early age Chandra rebelled against the status quo and became a seeker of her own truth and path, and though the journey was rocky, she stuck it out and vowed to share her experience and insights with others as they navigate their own personal journeys. It is now her mission to help awaken us to our infinite possibilities and learn to truly listen to our inner selves and honor our authentic callings.

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