Ep. 28: Living with more presence & playfulness

Ep. 28: Living with more presence & playfulness

About the Episode:

Join Amy and Soulful Yoga Coach Cat Duval in this episode as they chat about Yoga, deep connection, and presence.

Cat’s Yoga practice Nine Lives Yoga has enabled her to change the life of people from different age groups, backgrounds, body types, and experience by sharing the power of Yoga and teaching them how to be more present and connect deeply with themselves in an empowering and playful way. 

Cat believes learning to connect with ourselves this way, along with learning to truly connect and communicate healthily with the world around us is what will enable us to embody a life of freedom, happiness, and the ability to turn our dreams into reality.

Cat also shares the different ways you can work with and collaborate with her and her personal journey with yoga and how it helped her stop the self-sabotage and transform from the inside out.

Meet the Guest

Cat Duval is a Soulful Yoga Coach, NLP Practioner, Massage Therapist and the Founder of Nine Lives Yoga passionate about empowering people of all walks of life to cultivate a deep and playful connection to themselves through the power of yoga and collective practice.

Her vision and goal in life is to create opportunities where we can excel, reach beyond our fears, connect and collaborate. “The more we trust, the better it gets.”

You can find out more & follow Cat here:

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