Is Change The Only Constant?

Is Change The Only Constant?

As each day passes…and we step further and further into 2016 we have the choice to remain true to ourselves, our desires, our dreams and our goals…or not. Having set myself some awe-inspiring dreams and goals for the year, it feels almost inevitable at some point that the ingrained habits of yesteryear will come creeping back into my world and pull me back into that all too familiar orbit of my comfort zone, that I am consciously choosing to leave behind!

Can you feel that beginning to happen already? If not, perhaps you can see it looming on the horizon…as you feel that gravitational pull, drawing you back into orbit…your comfort zone; whether that is the familiar “oh just 5 more minutes” in bed in the morning, or whether it is that sticky toffee pudding over the freshly picked fruit…or whether it is falling back into that negative self-talk you’ve recently discovered and never knew you had…

So what to do…as you feel that gravitational pull, bring you back into your comfort zone looming on the horizon, to take you out of your resolutions…your revolution, even, and back into the humdrum of the day-to-day…perhaps even back into mediocrity and frustration?

How do we break free of these past limitations, cycles, habits, blocks and frustrations, once and for all?

Every moment you are making unconscious choices based on past behaviour and programming. Start by noticing them, becoming aware of them…with awareness, you can choose differently.

Integrity to your word, to your goals and dreams and to your promises with others. This does not mean simply keeping all our commitments, but realising that what we say (both speaking to the world and to ourselves) determines the person we are and the world we live in. What we say is creative, that is, we can use our words to create anger or jealousy, or use them to heal. Our words are seeds that go out into the world and come back to us as full-grown reality.

To see both choice and integrity in action, learn to become consistent in your choice of new habits…and learn how to set yourself up for success…


Here’s how:

1) Accountability is a great place to start:

  • Got a goal or a dream? Or a blindspot, or a blockage? Or some frustration, or procrastination? Or you’re feeling stuck? Hire a coach.
  • Keeping fit, training for a 5km run or a triathlon? Join a group of people on the same mission.
  • Need regular support? Set-up weekly accountability calls with a friend
  • Aspiring to higher ground? It is said that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend most time with…so surround yourself with 5 people who stretch and challenge you in the direction you wish to go.

2) Scheduling:

I always say: “what get’s scheduled, gets done.” Schedule everything. Even your down time. Every 3 months, go somewhere different and do something different for 4 days…disconnect, be in nature, dream…luxuriate…or go on and adventure. Life is a collection of experiences…be sure to create some to enthral the grandchildren and inspire the masses.

3) Take daily care of your:

  • Body (breathe, exercise and nutrition)
  • Mind (keep it open and ask questions)
  • Soul (learn to listen to your inner child and your intuition)

4) Begin your day with a magical morning routine:

One that fuels your passion for life, your energy, your dreams and the vision you have that inspires who you are and everything you do and most importantly; why you do it. (Meditation, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, study/read, journal, walk barefoot & connect with nature).

They say awareness is curative…

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It is my belief that you must work in real time with a coach before investing.

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So, back to my original question…Is change the only constant?

Yes…for we are always evolving, even if we feel stuck in orbit…going round and round in circles…even then our perception shifts over time, our frustration grows, the clock ticks and so much more. The cycles of nature continue through the seasons and the years…we are both in and of those cycles too. So, if change is the only constant, isn’t it time you committed whole-heartedly and set yourself up for success in every area of your life…especially those areas where you know your weak spots lie…those little tricksters that trip you up every time…?

If so, try some of the solutions above, or enter your details here and let’s connect.

As always, go out and be the change you wish to see in the world…bring your own light, love and joy to the table…

Thank you so very much for being here!

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay focused on your visions, dreams, desires, goals and resolutions for 2016.

In happiness,


PS If you’d like to find out more about whether coaching may be a great fit for you, please click on the link below and book yourself a Complimentary Coaching Call…I look forward to connecting with you!

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