Ep. 32: Healing crystals & meaningful jewelry

Ep. 32: Healing crystals & meaningful jewelry

About the Episode:

Joining Amy in episode 32 is the open-hearted and soul-focussed entrepreneur and founder of Will2Wow Jewelry, Laura Weigel. Laura helps people to de-stress, reduce pain, and attract the right things into their lives by combining gentle holistic methods with the healing power of crystals and her amazingly meaningful jewelry line, Will2Wow.

In this episode, Laura shares the heartfelt story of her 10-month-old son’s tragic brain injury and how it led her to an incredible, effective way to help him and so many others.

Meet the Guest

Laura Weigel is a Holistic Healer and the founder of Will2Wow Jewelry passionate about bringing healing and abundant happiness to her clients and customers.

Laura’s incredible journey began over 8 years ago with her son’s heartbreaking injury and her unyielding devotion to his recovery. She has since completely dedicated her life to helping him heal by healing others with her holistic practice and beautiful jewelry line, Will2Wow.

You can find out more & follow Laura here:

Laura Weigel Will2Wow

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