Ep. 27: First anniversary special

Ep. 27: First anniversary special

About the Episode:

In this special edition, Amy and her 3 brilliant guests The Happiness Scientist, Earle Hall, Success Coach Polly Alexandre, and Flourish Therapy Founder, Kate Hartley celebrate one year of The Be~ing Brilliant show by interviewing the host herself! For this episode, Amy wanted to switch things up and put herself in the hot seat to give listeners an up close and personal look into her world.

In the interview, Amy opens up and shares her journey with you… She speaks about packing up her life and business to move back home and take care of family, her transformative experience with loss and how it taught her to grieve gracefully, what be~ing brilliant as a brand and a lifestyle truly means for her, and much more!

Join Amy and her guests in celebration as they delve deep for a truly impactful episode!

Thank you so much for listening to this episode and celebrating one year of Be~ing Brilliant on air with me! I am honoured that you are here and have decided to take the time to tune in! If this is your first episode, I truly hope you enjoyed it and decide to stick around, and if you’ve been listening a while, I hope the episodes over the past year have helped you through your journey in some way; big or small.

With a year now gone, I am excited to continue on and offer even more, and even better content to support and help guide you through the years to come. I have some amazing things planned for the show moving forward, and I do so hope you decide to stay engaged and tuned in!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the show, so please feel free to leave me a comment below. And of course, if you enjoy it, it would be fantastic if you would share Be~ing Brilliant with someone you know, who may love it and benefit as well, or even just on your social networks… Sometimes sharing just a little bit of inspiration can make all the difference!


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