Expand Your Comfort Zone One Step At A Time

Comfort zone, comfort zone……oh the magic and brilliance of the comfort zone…or should I say, finding the courage to step outside one…!

Inaugural Be~ing Brilliant Radio Show

Thank you so very much to those of you who tuned in recently for my inaugural Be~ing Brilliant radio show with #CoachOnFireRadio! I had a blast with Karlton Meadows (featured in the image above, dear friend, High-Performance Body Engineer, 45 yr old, 800m sprinter, olympic hopeful…paradigm shifter and much more!).

He is the perfect role model of what Be~ing Brilliant is all about. Karlton Meadows is also on a mission to bring Brilliance to the Fitness Industry by delivering innovative solutions that are Effective, Ageless, Safe and Efficient to the affluent, the athlete and the obese. He’s defying the odds. Defying the status quo and what’s believed to be true. Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile and shifted a whole paradigm of what was perceived as possible…Karlton Meadows…you’re up next!!

Check him out here…he’s also funding his own way to his Olympic dream, so if you’re as inspired by him as I am, do also check out his gofundme.com site:

You can listen to the replay of the inaugural show here:


The Nature of Expansion & the Comfort Zone

I wanted to take this moment to reflect with you on the nature of expansion and its’ direct link with our comfort zones. With one radio show down…and many more to come, I have taken one more step, out of the smallness of my comfort zone and into creating the life I dream of; of speaking in public, of transforming lives (1-on-1 and in groups), of making an impact and a contribution, of continuing to travel the world, of teaching, sharing and inspiring those who wish to listen through the power of story and redefining the future of leadership; all whilst being a champion of inner peace for world peace.

That’s what lights me up…and scares me too! But if it didn’t scare me, it wouldn’t stretch me…and I wouldn’t be stepping into my brilliance!

I also teach my clients just some of the following:

  • How to make Peace our Captain and Happiness our Ship
  • How to Step into our own Brilliance and Shine our own Light
  • How to Lead our Lives & our Businesses or Careers Brilliantly (whatever that may look like for each of us individually)
  • How to Connect, Collaborate, Communicate and Contribute in a way that Calls to us Deeply
  • How to Listen to and Trust that Voice Deep Within, to Fulfil our Dreams

The universe is always in expansion and as we are both in and of the universe, our natural state of Be~ing is one of expansion too. You know that when you’re at peace and happy that life seems to flow brilliantly, you feel expansive, you laugh, you stand tall, you feel confident, you want to share the good times with your loved ones…but when we’re sad, anxious, fearful, judgmental…we shrink, we contract, we withdraw into ourselves and we separate ourselves from community and connection with others. This is the favourite game of the ego…separation; here you’d rather be right about your anxiety/fear, than happy. Do you recognise that feeling?

I remind you of one of my favourite sayings…Energy Flows Where Attention Goes




Become Mindful of Your Thinking

So, I invite you to become more mindful of your thinking, for it shapes both your internal world and the world you experience outside of you…the outside world is just like a 3-D image of exactly what’s going on inside of you mind…change your thinking & your focus; change your Be~ing; change your outcome.

Then you can step outside your comfort zone, you can stretch, expand, learn and grow, evolve in conscious awareness…after all, that’s exactly what we’re here for…and live your life on purpose; with inner peace and personal power to keep you on track and in expansion.

Once the elastic band of the comfort zone has been stretched, there is no going back to its’ original size and shape…life goes on, lessons are learned, your evolution happens. And just in case you don’t learn the lesson the first time, the universe will keep sending you the same lesson until you do learn it. Doing it consciously is the most amazing experience and Karlton, as an olympic hopeful, will tell you that he hasn’t reached where he is, without a coach, without support and without common-unity.

So, if you’d like to find our more about the Be~ing Brilliant community I have created and/or about coaching for yourself, click on the link below and we’ll connect to see if it’s right for you at this time.

This is what Karlton said of the Be~ing Brilliant community:

“It is a MasterMind Community instead of merely a group. Being able to champion others causes while they are doing the same for you and the ability to have an audience with a High Performance Individual who also happens to be a professional coach is a tremendous and Brilliant Blessing.” – Karlton Meadows


PS Are you interested in stretching your own comfort zone to step wholeheartedly into your dreams and goals? If so, click here to find out more.


  1. Karlton says:

    Man Alive!!! Amy is a perpetual fountain of Brilliance and actionable insights! She continually Brings More to an already Brilliant Experience. She is a Sagacious Agent of Peace, Presence and High Performance. I am going to narrow my focus and make her a subject of study for the next couple of weeks. I will be enjoying my ebook 21 Days of Be~ing Love! Look for my Tweets, Shares and Quotes! 🙂

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