Ep. 41: Stop the self-sabotage

Ep. 41: Stop the self-sabotage

About the Episode: 

Joining Amy in episode 41 is Freedom from Addiction Expert & Embodiment Guide, Debbie Lichter for a truly inspiring show! For years, Debbie has helped women worldwide get free from addictions, obsessions, and self-sabotaging patterns so that they may finally show up to life as their most joyful, authentic selves.

In this episode, she and Amy chat about ridding yourself of limiting patterns as Debbie shares her powerful story of years spent battling with addiction, severe anxiety, and self-doubt. She came out truly winning on the other side, and so can you! 

Meet the Guest

Debbie Lichter is a Freedom from Addiction Expert, Congruency Coach, and Embodiment Guide passionate about helping women worldwide get free from addictions, obsessions, and self-sabotaging patterns so that they can stop holding back and be authentically ALL OF THEMSELVES. 

Debbie navigated her own path to freedom from food and drug addiction, codependency and severe anxiety and self doubt, and today combines 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry with her unique, fiercely compassionate approach to helping women get free – so that they too can have lasting freedom – feeling connected, living authentically – operating from inner trust and helping others.

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