Ep. 40: Healing journeys & self-discovery

Ep. 40: Healing journeys & self-discovery

About the Episode: 

Joining Amy in episode 40 is International Intuitive guide, Mentor, and Holistic Practitioner, Isobel Gatherer for a truly amazing show. Together, they share Isobel’s inspiring story and how Isobel has used her incredible gifts to guide not only clients around the world, but to make a huge difference in the life of none other than Amy herself through as what Amy describes as a “truly jaw-dropping moment.”

Meet the Guest

Isobel Gatherer is an International Intuitive Psychic, Mentor, and Holistic Practitioner passionate about guiding others through their personal journeys and connecting them with their own intuition for healing and growth in this lifetime. 

Starting out as a Virtual Assistant who always attracted the right clients, Isobel quickly discovered that she had a gift and decided to pursue it further. There her journey began and a path of freedom and giving opened up for her. Now a digital nomad, she is free to travel the world and connect with others through her readings, channelings, and healing sessions.

You can find out more & follow Isobel here:

40. Isobel Gatherer

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