Ep. 23: Overcome & Thrive

Ep. 23: Overcome & Thrive

About the Episode:

In this meaningful episode, Flourish Therapy Founder Kate Hartley joins Amy to discuss overcoming obstacles.

Whether physical, emotional, or psychological, this episode will leave you with a unique and passionate approach to overcoming adversity and finding inspiration and motivation to live your best life possible.

Tune in for this episode of Be~ing Brilliant as Kate and Amy share their insights on breaking through obstacles and letting go of the past, gaining inner peace, why and how our personal choices shape who we are and who we become, how to live in the moment and truly appreciate each day, why taking responsibility for ourselves in all that we do is a vital step in creating a truly joyous life, and much more!

This one is a definite can’t miss!

Meet the Guest

Kate Hartley is a Therapist and the Founder of Flourish Therapy passionate about making the most of what we already have, simplifying life, and encouraging and helping people to really LIVE.

She uses her past experiences and professional background in several different healing modalities from hypnotherapy and counseling to reiki and acupuncture to guide, transform, and heal her clients inside and out. Kate believes that there is no time like the present to begin truly living, loving, appreciating, and finally letting go of all that does not serve you.

You can find out more & follow Kate here:

23. Kate Hartley

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