Ep. 22: Profitable passion

Ep. 22: Profitable passion

About the Episode:

Join Amy and Success Coach & Lifestyle Expert, Polly Alexandre in this motivational episode as they dig deep into what it takes to build a standout, soul inspired brand that builds your bank account too.

You will learn how wealth consciousness, vision, and passion are the ultimate keys to any successful brand, how to eliminate limiting beliefs and mental blocks that get in the way of your goals and keep you from dreaming big, how to refocus when you get stuck and much more.

This one is a can’t miss for the aspiring and seasoned entrepreneur alike!

Meet the Guest

Polly Alexandre is an International Success Coach & Lifestyle Expert for Creative Entrepreneurs passionate about helping clients transform their lives and actualize their visions and dreams.

She believes anything is possible and uses her extensive business development and life experience to support her clients with powerful & visionary coaching that enables them to reach big goals and generate high-level results in a fast and joyful way.

You can find out more & follow Polly here:


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