Disarm Yourself Through Inner Peace

Disarm Yourself Through Inner Peace…

Inner peace brings inner power. When we have inner peace, we speak powerfully to people – often without saying a word. We can be counted on: to be in control, to maintain clarity and to act swiftly, justly, discerningly and strategically at all times.

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This is the wisdom of the ages across the world. When you disarm yourself from your frustrations, anger, fear and loneliness you become freer to be present to what is happening outside you and also within you. This commitment to inner peace brings us directly into the present.

When we have inner peace, we become free to speak more effectively with others, without the disturbing edge of our sneaky egos trying to score points, give unsolicited feedback, or bask in our own self-righteousness by making others wrong. We have these and many other strategies to get our way by overriding others. Without inner peace we often leave a trail of disturbance, weakening relationships with the very people we wish to influence in helping us achieve our goals.

Be~ing peaceful from within, and then radiating peace without, enables us to command true self-confidence; the kind of confidence that seeks neither to justify, defend nor to put others down. We experience a powerful sense of tranquillity. This inner peace empowers us to listen, share and make requests of others in more effective ways.

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When we surface from the fears of our ego we surface in our environment, but also beyond it, as someone who can be counted on.

We gain the ability to thrive in all conditions. We don’t immediately turn outside ourselves for solutions to our problems. We pause. And in that pause we turn our attention quietly inside and tune into our wisdom and creativity for insights. Instead of problems, we look for opportunities to go beyond our comfort zone and dare to think new thoughts, ask new questions and seek more peaceful and effective solutions.

These benefits are unattainable from a mind disturbed by the gyrations of our egos. In brief, our egos are concerned with the survival of the fittest, competition and how to look good along the way. Any justification will do the trick!

Inner peace gives way to a more authentic kind of power. Not the kind of power that is so often the focus of the ego; more the power to authentically cooperate with others and build collaborative solutions that have a better chance of sustainability.

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This kind of power, based on inner peace, is not based upon shouting or waging war. It is the kind of power shown by transformational leaders (political, commercial, spiritual, etc) who exude an energy of calmness. To name but a few: Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Marianne Williamson, Martin Luther King Jr, Malala Yousafzai…

By making a commitment to inner peace, no matter what happens, no matter how fierce the storm, you become the lighthouse of reason, collaboration and solution-based dialogue.

When you have inner peace as your personal guiding light, you arrive at stillness; you become a pure presence with a clear purpose. You are more able to find the courage to speak what some may see as uncomfortable issues and focus on meaningful dialogue without blaming others.

You know who you are and why you are here. No one is able to “press your buttons”. Peace becomes your way of Be~ing in the world. Peace is your path as well as your goal, and your greatest advantage.

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1) How willing are you to be responsible for your own inner peace, even during the tough times?

2) What’s in it for you, to deny yourself inner peace? What do you gain from drama and ego upset? Do you get to be right rather than happy?

3) How might being at peace today create a different outcome with a difficult person/situation?



You have the power to choose inner peace. If you feel you heart racing, stress rising, tension flowing, fear full-on…first and foremost…

1) Take a deep breathe (to oxygenate your brain as you’re in fight/flight and all the oxygenated blood has gone to your muscles ready to fight…so you literally cannot think as there is no oxygen in your brain…so breathe…!)

2) Say to yourself Relax – Release – Let Go and breathe out

3) Visualise opening your heart, just like a rose and do it right there and then…and send love to the other person/situation (they needn’t know, but they will feel it)

4) Hug the other person, with your heart wide open. (If it’s not appropriate, just imagine yourself doing it)

Give it a try and let me know how you go in the comments below!


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