Ep. 34: Confidence, happiness, and fabulousity

Ep. 34: Confidence, happiness, and fabulousity

About the Episode:

Joining Amy in episode 34 is the brilliant Life Coach and Fabulousness Finder, Denise Mortimer. Denise started her self-development journey when she realized it was time for her to stop living by everyone else’s rules and start living by her own. In the years since she has dedicated her life to helping others live by their rules, meet their potential, and experience life from a truly joyful place, and she is here to share her story with you.

Meet the Guest

Denise Mortimer is a Multi-talented Life Coach dubbed ‘The Fabulousness Finder’ passionate about helping clients overcome limited thinking and live life by their own rules.

After spending years living her life by everyone else’s rules, Denise decided it was finally time to make her own rules and genuinely begin being true to herself, and that powerful decision ultimately led her to help others do the same. She now dedicates her time to helping her clients find the confidence to create a life that is truly on their terms and experience the world from a much more joyous place.

You can find out more & follow Denise here:


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