Ep. 33: Better Business & outer space

Ep. 33: Better Business & outer space

About the Episode:

Joining Amy in episode 33 is the brilliant and multi-passionate entrepreneur, business mentor and international space law consultant, Dr. Martina Zorc. As a business mentor, Martina helps empower and guide entrepreneurs to create wealth and teaches them how to live abundantly in all aspects of life, but the buck as they say definitely does not stop there!

In this episode, Matina shares her captivating story of not only how she became a stellar business mentor, but how she found outer space law and how it drove her to become an international space law consultant, pioneering space law for peace and opening the very first one-stop-SPACE-shop for private space ventures.

Meet the Guest

Dr. Martina Zorc is a Multi-talented entrepreneur, business mentor, and international space law mitigation consultant passionate about creating freedom, abundance, peace, and positivity in her life and the lives of as many others as possible.

Martina is over-the-moon grateful for the freedom of choice, creativity and growth potential that comes with owning your own business, and she is dedicated to giving her clients the opportunity to create the same in their lives. She is also the visionary behind the very first international space law and risk mitigation consultancy firm, a one-stop-space-shop for private space ventures, pioneering the evolution of space law for peace!

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