Why have I chosen to write Be~ing in such a way?

Because coming to understand who you are Be~ing in any given moment and the consequences that has on the circumstances and relationships in which you find yourself, is fundamentally important to your own inner peace, power and purpose.

Seeing Be~ing, written in such a way, will act as a reminder to bring your focus and awareness to the present, and so allow you the freedom to choose how you wish to show up in that moment.

Each Be~ing will also act as a link to this page; my distinction of Be~ing.

What Does This “Be~ing” Thing Mean?

What I’m referring to is the Be~ing of you… me… Human Beings…

Your Be~ing is your degree of self-awareness; how you see yourself, and how you interact with the world around you, consciously or not.

It consists of two main elements:

  • Reflection: Of the past events, relationships, and circumstances that have shaped your life
  • Narrative: The story through which you choose to see the world, your past, and the present moment.

We human Be~ings have a lot more control over these two elements than most of us realise.


While we may not have control over our past experiences, we are able to reflect upon how we allow them to affect our current way of Be~ing. The more we reflect the more awareness we create, which leads to greater fulfillment in relationships and life.

Yes, we have inherited our past way of Be~ing. It is given to us – through our family, media, education, culture, society… Most of us are unaware of exactly how much impact our past has. Thus, we blindly allow it to shape our present, the choices we make, and what we believe to be true. More often than not we project this way of Be~ing and the limiting beliefs it entails, not only onto our present but onto our future too and then we pass this same story onto our own children.

Simply Be~ing  conscious of this cause-and-effect can help us to either downplay, leverage, or maximise it. Once we thoroughly reflect upon and become mindful of our past way of Be~ing, we can start to form a new narrative for our present one.


This narrative affects every aspect of our life, from how we see the world, to how we perceive our own role within it.

Ideally, we want to conduct a way of Be~ing that is fully present, engaged, aware, and mindful of the moment.

Be~ing fully present in the moment, we see the world through new eyes, and we discover how to appreciate and love what is around us, including ourselves.

From this expansive way of Be~ing, we are able to dream and create with passion, just for the joy of Be~ing alive. We are able to create a fulfilling context from which to live our lives ­– informed by the past, but not constricted by it.

What are some common transformations of Be~ing?

I see my clients go from:

  • Be~ing righteous, to Be~ing happy.
  • From Be~ing stressed, to Be~ing at peace.
  • From Be~ing a victim, to Be~ing responsible for their own life.
  • Perhaps most importantly, from Be~ing closed, to Be~ing open and loving.

These are all forms of Be~ing. Some, as you can imagine, are more fulfilling than others.

So how can we alter our Be~ing?

Through a process of inner transformation, of coming to terms with yourself, and facing the fabricated stories, such as the classic; “not good enough,” you can begin to see there is a broader horizon that can take you beyond your inherited identity – the one that was given to you by your past, your ancestors, your culture, language and education.

Releasing your potential, your freedom to be, is a journey that takes you beyond the constraints of your past and enables you to live more fully in the present and choose to create a future free from these constraints.

You experience the freedom to celebrate life and to live, laugh and love at whatever comes your way, because you have the power to transform it, moment by moment.

Here you can effectively step into high-performance and engage wholeheartedly in your goals and dreams.

This is what Gandhi really meant when he said:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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