The kind of rich I’m talking about here is one in which you find a true sense of inner peace, no matter how fierce the storm of life is. You step into your own personal power, not a power to control and dominate, but a deep inner power from which you motivate, lead and engage the people around you. You cultivate an inspired purpose; a vision in which others find themselves, one that inspires and uplifts; a vision that drives profit successfully, whilst making a difference. This is what I really mean by rich. This is the future of leadership & high-performance. The work to be done begins always with ourselves…which is what I specialise in and which is why you’re here, seeking answers to some of life’s most profound questions. The type of richness that empowers you to:

  • Generate happiness as a way of Be~ing
  • Shine your own light by creating inner peace, no matter how fierce the storm
  • Develop a sense of authentic power
  • Lead your life authentically with purpose and presence
  • Heighten your performance; inspire and increase engagement
  • Challenge and transcend current and cultural mindsets
  • Be mindful of all your relations and communications and the impact they have
  • Understand the power of choice.
  • Nurture your own health, vitality and eliminate stress
  • Use your unique talents to contribute to the world

Soon, I will add more value to your world than you ever thought possible. One of my clients described the process in the following way: “There’s a quasi-esoteric aspect to these sessions which constitutes value-added in its own right. Drawing from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, I sense that I’ve been dragged out of the cave of conventional wisdom in which I’ve been trapped for most of my adult live. Now I’m out, blinded by the sunlight, but my eyes are getting accustomed and I’m starting to glimpse at a world in which I am becoming empowered, liberated and truly aware.” – Stefano Pataro I’ll give you the practical tools, life and leadership skills that have been passed down through both timeless and perfectly pertinent ancient wisdom teachings, coupled with innovative techniques for best leveraging these skills in the modern world. You’ll gain vital skills for inner peace and high-performance and learn how to perfectly integrate the two with presence and grace. We will begin by inquiring into inner peace, power and purpose and will then also focus on your psychology, productivity, physiology and your powers of persuasion…that’s a lot of P’s! Perfectly precise for strategising your life and stepping into high-performance both personally and professionally!

How Much Richer Could Your Life Be?

After all, you’re already successful in your own way. That’s why you’re here…and yet you know there’s something more to life… My clients tend to be dreamers and achievers – entrepreneurially-minded men and women who are becoming more and more aware that balance in its many forms is necessary for a whole-hearted, happy, connected and successful life and business. I call this balance inner peace. What’s Inner Peace got to do with anything, I hear you ask? Well…e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. For there is nothing more exciting than Inner Peace.

I used to think peace was boring and that I’d have to sit on top of a hill and chant many ‘Oms’ before I could ‘get there’ and that I didn’t have time for that. Nor, being an athletic sort, did I want to sit still for that long; until I found it…in a fleeting moment…and realised there is actually nowhere to ‘get to’ but to ‘be’ right here, right now, in the present moment, present to life in all its magnificence…right there lies inner peace…accessible to all.

  • Peace is a thrilling place where there is joy in be~ing and in presence.
  • Peace is a choice you make, moment by moment.
  • Peace is complete freedom to meet life as it appears, not as you think it appears.
  • Peace is an opportunity to not take anything personally, because it isn’t.
  • Peace opens up incredible possibility and encourages breakthroughs.
  • Peace is the very seedling of dynamic activity, spontaneity and creativity.
  • Peace cultivates clarity, focus and high-performance.
  • Peace is exciting, joyful, dynamic and real…it speeds everything up.
  • Peace provides access to personal power; to a dynamic purpose and vision.
  • Peace engages and inspires; connects and collaborates.
  • Peace communicates compassionately and powerfully.
  • Peace allows for win-win negotiations.
  • Peace is knowing that we are all connected.
  • Peace is expansive; globally, we thrive in peace.

From a space of inner peace and self-awareness I then support you in how to consciously lead and strategise your own life. Whether it’s to become a better communicator and to enable your personal relationships to thrive into ones of joy, presence and connection, or whether you’re looking to dive into optimising your productivity, physiology, psychology and even your powers of persuasion; we will heighten your performance, reduce or eliminate your stress levels and uncover your blind spots to abundance and a sense of freedom and fun. These are the types of desires I help my clients manifest, so long as they are open enough to be challenged, to learn, grow, transform, and take inspired action. It will challenge and inspire you and it’s probably not like anything you’ve ever done before. It’s dynamic, distinctive, fun and profoundly effective. Now, that’s a rich life.