Hello and welcome. I’m Amy. I’m a high-performance coach, life strategist and speaker, who enables entrepreneurs to move past the stresses and pressures of their growing businesses, to step into high performance through inner peace, personal power, and an inspired purpose.

This is just a part of my story…

Deeply driven, dedicated and motivated, and having skied most of my life, the speed demon in me decided to push myself to my limits once again, to go further, harder, and faster down a ski slope in the French Alps. This time, the result was a spectacular crash into a pylon (thank goodness, for it prevented me from going over a precipice!), with disastrous consequences.  Lying there on the snow unable to move and in agony, I knew that something very serious had happened. After being airlifted to hospital, the Doctors there informed me that I had fractured and crushed my lumbar vertebrae and broken my right hip in three places…and that I would never run again (I was due to run the London Marathon two weeks later).  As someone who’d always been a bit of a runner, in that moment, my whole concept of myself, what I identified with, who I conceived myself to be, was crushed.  Some of my dreams, that relied heavily on my athleticism were dashed; turned to dust in an instant.

After years of recuperation, with doctors telling me what I would no longer be able to do, and numerous setbacks over a decade, I decided, whilst living in Panama, to take my life back into my own hands and found a trainer who understood the problems I faced; I told him I wanted to be trained like the athlete I knew I still had inside. Whilst working a full-time job as a high-performance leadership coach, it took three months alone of precision training, focus and dedication just to readjust my body so that it moved again in ways it hadn’t done for almost a decade. The stretch, the challenge, the small advances and accomplishments as I reached every little goal I set myself along the way were a huge boost to my confidence, to my purpose and to my direction in life as a whole. I learned to listen to my body and to my intuition; to trust my instincts and to move beyond patience into love and appreciation of my body and my abilities. I was also amazed at how powerful my focused mind was in the process of healing and breaking through perceived and long-held limitations. The more I found a sense of inner peace, the more focus I had and the more my goals and dreams materialised and the richer my life became.

Three months later, my trainer sat me down one day and said “you’re ready.” I said “for what?” “a triathlon” he said. I looked at him shocked “me?!” and yet so excited I could hardly contain myself…I felt like a kid in a candy store at the very thought of stepping up my game further and training for a triathlon and yet it also seemed like such an immense undertaking! I pulled on my running shoes, bought myself a bike, dived into the pacific ocean…and spent the next 3 months balancing my passion for the high-performance leadership coaching work I was doing at the time, with my passion for my new training regime; gently upping the ante and pushing myself out of my comfort zone into boundaries beyond that which I perceived as possible. As I increased my performance in the physical realm, my performance at work also heightened, I saw clearly how intrinsically linked the personal and professional sides of life are. Race day came and I completely surprised myself by coming first in my division and second to the European Champion. I’d always been relatively sporty growing up, but had never trained so specifically nor had I set my sights to such a challenge, especially given the injuries I’d sustained. I realised that the best way to approach such immense challenges is one step at a time, then even something as initially daunting as a triathlon becomes accessible and do-able.

During my decade away from sport, I began a job that paid me to travel the world, interview heads of state and elevate the cause for Foreign Direct Investment. These years of interviewing world leaders and titans of industry, were an experience which shaped my understanding of the fundamentals of better business and authentic leadership. I later combined this journalism, PR and business development background with the latest in high-performance leadership coaching techniques to support my clients in reaching their goals. I now also combine my experience with time-tested, ancient wisdom teachings and philosophies that I began learning during my triathlon training and which helped me dig deep within to find an inner peace and power I never knew I had, which generated greater success and happiness in my life.

Also known as the Peace Whisperer by some of my entrepreneurial clients, I take them on both an inner and outer journey by teaching them practical tools and essential life and leadership skills and strategies. I also employ these ancient wisdom teachings, as well as rigorous thinking, conscious language and open dialogue to navigate one’s inner journey and new-found skills to deliver a powerful message of vision, authenticity, change and contribution through speaking and Be~ing in the world,

In my work with you, I capitalise on my training and laser-beam focus as an athlete, life strategist and my profound comprehension of human relations and communication. I deeply understand that communication, connectivity, collaboration and compassion are integral to reaching both individual and collective goals and form a fundamental part of authentic leadership for the 21st Century.

Leadership is something we all partake in, whether we know it or not…whether you’re leading your own life, Be~ing an example to your family or leading a team of employees; at the heart of the matter is an awareness of yourself, who you’re Be~ing, the consciousness of the language you’re using and the authentic leadership of yourself, your family and your business.

“The rich I’m talking about reaches far beyond what money can buy.

Rich means living your life from a deep sense of inner peace.


~ Amy Hackett-Jones

Aimee Arnold

Profound, practical and actionable

“Amy holds herself to the highest and strictest standards of excellence in all she pursues. Her regal sophistication is complimented by a sense of humility and down-to-earthness that enables any walk of life to feel comfortably at home in her presence. The impact of her teachings on inner peace, power and purpose is profound, practical and actionable both professionally and personally.

Aimee Arnold, USA

Alex Rodriguez

An extraordinary, natural coach

Amy is able to positively transform any moment or situation.  Great humility characterizes her. She leaves a footprint in the soul of each person in her path and is an extraordinary, natural coach.”

Alex Rodriguez, Panama

Rosemary Baily

Shining example of caring perseverance

“Like the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, Amy left no stone unturned to help me achieve victory over my own limiting beliefs. She is a shining example of caring perseverance, coaching and gentle opening in the right direction. She is an example to me of what an authentic person, living from the heart really is.”

Rosemary Baily, United Kingdom