What does rich really mean?

The kind of rich I’m talking about here is one in which you find a true sense of inner peace, no matter how fierce the storm of life is.

You step into your own personal power, not a power to control and dominate, but a deep inner power from which you motivate, lead and engage the people around you.

You cultivate an inspired purpose; a vision in which others find themselves, one that inspires and uplifts; a vision that drives profit successfully, whilst making a difference.

7 Steps To Be~ing Brilliant

7 Steps To Be~ing Brilliant

How To Ignite Your Life & Shine

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The Missing Peace

Strategies for a Rich & Courageous Life

This results-focused, transformational program gives you the opportunity to move beyond old ways of thinking about your business, career, relationships and dreams. Whether it is about making profound changes in your life, inspiring, engaging and influencing the people around you, or doing more of what you love, you can discover how to connect more profoundly to your own inner guidance and step whole-heartedly into high-performance, both professionally and personally.

Ignite Your Life

Powerful Tools & Teachings to Create Spark

What if you could wake up every day feeling inspired…limitless even? What if you could finally develop the inner strength, confidence, and clarity necessary to remove the boulders in your path that are keeping you stuck, spinning in orbit, stressed and frustrated? What if you could become both successful and happy?

What if you could begin this transformative journey today?

Panama – 28 May 2014


Connect to Peace. Stand for Life!

Why my TEDx Talk spoke so highly of Death

You’re dying. Every day, every minute that passes, you’re moving closer towards your death. It might not come for many years. It might be on the other side of that traffic light. That’s the scary part about our own mortality: We have no way of knowing when it… Continue reading

“Amy evokes an atmosphere of success which is evident in her background of being a champion athlete, her encounters with world leaders, and her current work consulting titans of industry.  She brings an exemplary worldview to the TEDxPuntaPaitilla platform with a message that is quintessentially an Idea Worth Spreading.”

Ezra Masri, TEDxPuntaPaitilla, Panama

10 July 2017

Just For Fun…

Mental health can begin with our very own fears, phobias, anxieties, stress levels, grief, depression, confidence (or lack thereof), insomnia, the break-up of relationships, the challenges we face in our careers and more. As a society we tend to brush these things under the carpet until they become insurmountable. What if, we could take a step back and see these experiences life throws at us through a different lens; from a different perspective and learn new ways of speaking and be~ing in the world, new tools to equip ourselves with, so that moving forwards life does become easier, our thinking becomes clearer, our focus is on point, our relationships flow, we're able to have challenging conversations, brilliantly, both at home and at work....and more?
13 March 2017

Grieving Gracefully

In August 2014 I came home to the UK from Panama, at a moments' notice when I heard that Mum had collapsed and the prospects were not good; she'd been given 48 hours to live, so you can just imagine that flight home across the Atlantic back to the UK!
5 March 2016

Expand Your Comfort Zone One Step At A Time

With one radio show down...and many more to come, I have taken one more step, out of the smallness of my comfort zone and into creating the life I dream of; of speaking in public, of transforming lives (1-on-1 and in groups), of making an impact and a contribution, of continuing to travel the world, of teaching, sharing and inspiring those who wish to listen through the power of story and redefining the future of leadership; and being a champion of inner peace for world peace. That's what lights me up...and scares me too! But if it didn't scare me, it wouldn't stretch me...!
2 February 2016

Take Nothing Personally…Because It Isn’t…

Have you noticed how easily people take offense and get upset over even small things? It is almost as if they are waiting to be upset; always ready to fire off a nasty remark or to play the victim and sulk. One of the main reasons for this is that we have been conditioned by society to attack, criticise and complain if things are not going exactly as we would like them to go. Many people have an attachment to self-importance, to Be~ing right and to Be~ing a victim of the circumstances in which they find themselves, all of which is a favourite obsession of the ego.
28 January 2016

Disarm Yourself Through Inner Peace

Inner peace brings inner power. When we have inner peace, we speak powerfully to people – often without saying a word. We can be counted on: to be in control, to maintain clarity and to act swiftly, justly, discerningly and strategically at all times.
20 January 2016

Is Change The Only Constant?

Is change the only constant? As each day passes...and we step further and further into 2016 we have the choice to remain true to ourselves, our desires, our dreams and our goals...or not. Having set myself some awe-inspiring dreams and goals for the year, it feels almost inevitable at some point that the ingrained habits of yesteryear will come creeping back into my world and pull me back into that all too familiar orbit of my comfort zone, that I am consciously choosing to leave behind!
Stefano Pataro

By far my best investment to date

“Amy has taught me invaluable lessons in terms of personal growth and inner peace, which are leading me to a happier, richer personal life and to a more fulfilling, enjoyable and profitable career. The added value I have derived from Amy’s wisdom will stay with me for the rest of my life; working with her has been by far my best investment to date.”

Stefano Pataro, Italy

Marisa Midolo

Helped make a magical turn in my life

“Amy helped me make a magical turn in my life, creating positive energy and results. I’m grateful for all the teaching, wisdom, patience, listening and discernment she gave me. She never judged me and always treated my stories with discretion and respect allowing me to open up to her as if I had known her forever. I have come to believe that living with an open heart is the true purpose of life.

Marisa Midolo, Italy

Chaly Barcenas

Her insights lead to great results

“Amy is an outstanding performance coach and her insights lead to great results at a personal, spiritual and professional level and she commands a powerful presence as a public speaker.”

Chaly Barcenas, Panama